Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Great Changes in Technology of Conveyor Belt

With the development of scale of mine, belt conveyor has kept on towards large scale and presents features of large capacity and long distance. Belt conveyor with long distance and multi power has achieve successful research and development, it changes the single load-carrying way that is given by rollers and adopts multi point electric drive. This method can address the traditional problems that are changing conveyor belts frequently and belt breakdown easily. Also, the successful development of this kind of belt conveyor can reduce the cost of equipment greatly. What’s more, its advantages are reducing the number of transshipment or fall of ore during operation and avoiding environmental pollution.

ait conveyor belt system
The successful development of belt conveyor with 1km-100km belt length, adopting multi point electric drive which can reduce 10%-30% investment and operation cost. Especially, it can decrease belt strength and eliminate risk of tape break of upward transport belt conveyor with large angle and long distance. And then it can prolong the lifespan of belt more than 5 times. Multi-power belt conveyor not only can achieve the goal of lower investment, lower consumption and resistance, but also operate stably more than 10 years. In this way can it improve the running rate and economic benefit greatly.

conveyor belt for mining industry

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Reason Why Circular Vibrating Screen can not Start up or Amplitude is Small

Circular Vibrating Screen is a kind of new and highly effective vibrating screen that does circular vibrations and has multiple layers which is available for smelting , quarry , coal preparation, ore dressing, energy, power, chemical industry, construction material. Here PK Machinery will introduce the problem we may meet during the operation of circular vibrating screen.

The reason why circular vibrating screen can not start up or amplitude is small

1. Low voltage
2. The control circuit of electrical components damage
3. The motor damages
4. The motor occurs failure
5. Too much materials are piled up on screen surface
6. Grease caking inside the motor 
circular vibrating sieve

The solution to slove circular vibrating screen can not start up or amplitude is small

1. Change the power supply
2. Replace the electrical components
3. Replace the motor
4. Maintain the motor
5. Clean up the materials on screen surface
6. Clean the motor, add proper grease
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to Identify Counterfeit and Genuine Bearings of Vibration Motor

Due to the special structure principle of vibration motor, the quality and lifespan of vibration motor directly affected by bearings, of course will be embodied in the price level of vibration motor. So it is really necessary to choose a good bearing manufacturer, the following methods will help us identify counterfeit bearings:
1. Packaging
Formal original packing of genuine bearing is comparatively normative which includes inner and outer packaging with unified standard and clear writing. However, the counterfeit bearing packaging material is inferior, printing is rough.
2. Color
Specific parts of genuine bearing present a certain color, for example: chamfer is black, if there is any other colors, it may be counterfeit bearings.
Vibration motor internal structure
3. Appearance 
The writing letters of genuine bearing outer packing adopt special carving or spraying technology design, however, the counterfeit bearing printing is blurry.
4. Material 
Material selection of the genuine bearing is standard steel material, however counterfeit bearing adopts cheap ,fake inferior and unqualified material in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, the weight is light.
5. Processing technology
Genuine bearing manufacturing process is fine which can rotate smoothly However counterfeit bearing manufacturing process is poor with coarse surface ,it can not rotate smoothly.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Eight Factors will Affect the Quality of Conveyor Roller

Conveyor roller is widely used in various types of industries, however, most customers lack of the knowledge for choosing the suitable conveyor roller. Let’s show you what are the factors that affecting the quality of roller.

impact rollers
1. Roller radial runout (the index directly affects the stability of the conveying materials)
2. Flexibility (the index affects the life-span of the roller and belt, as well as the driving power of the machine)
3. Dust resistance performance(the index affects the life-span of roller)
4. Shock resistance performance (the index affects the life-span of roller)
5. Rotational resistance (the index affects the life-span of tape)
6. Axial carrying capacity (the index affects the life-span of roller)
7. Water resistance performance(the index affects the life-span of roller)
8. Axial string momentum (the index affects the life-span of roller directly)
conveyor rollers production line

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bentonite Rotary Vibrating Screen will be Delivered to Poland

Last Saturday, rotary vibrating screen used for bentonite was delivered to Qingdao port from our company and it will be sent to Poland on Sept. 8th, 2015 as planned.

bentonite rotary vibrating sieve
The type of rotary vibrating screen ordered by our Poland customer is XZS-600. At the same time, our customer ordered hopper, support frame and gate valve as a whole screening system. According to the requirements and concrete information of our customer, such as with 50kg/h capacity, 0.75t/m³ density of materials, our engineer designs and selects this kind of rotary vibrating screen. We do believe it will surely satisfy our customer.

gate valve of rotary virating sieve
With the development of our company, we can provide the best products and service to our customer. So far we have been in manufacturing belt conveyorbucket elevatorvibrating screenscraper conveyorscrew conveyor andother spare parts for more than twenty years. Any enquiry, feel free to contact us please.

export package of rotary vibratory screen