Thursday, October 29, 2015

Production Workshop Has Been Expanded in PK

With the development of our company, the existing workshop cannot meet the production requirements. Taking this kind of situation into consideration, the leader of our company makes a decision that is to expand workshop. So based on the original production workshop, we build a new workshop which is used for painting.

PK production line constructed

And now, some parts of the establishment of scraper conveyors workshop has successfully concluded and put into use while some parts are still being established.

new scraper conveyor production line

So far, our workshop and equipment have already been improved and had an edge over our competitors. What’s more, PK Machinery has been exporting mining machine for many years, and we have an excellent e-marketing team and engineering team with rich experience. So we can provide best products and best service for our customers. Any enquiry, please contact us at any time.

PK factory constructed Project

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Conveyor Belts are Ready to be Delivered to Pakistan

Conveyor Belts are Ready to be Delivered to Pakistan

On 28th October, 2015, 2 conveyor belts with belt width of 1000mm will be delivered to Pakistan from Qingdao port. It is mainly used to transport copper ore in an outdoor mining area, so our customer also ordered conveyor rainproof cover to protect both materials and machine.
Based on the information our customer offered us, our engineers designed and chose the DTIIA fixed belt conveyor for our customer to meet the requirements. The successful cooperation has embodied business between us can achieve our mutual benefit. We also expect next cooperation with our Pakistan customer.
PK Machinery has been exporting belt conveyor, bucket elevatorscraper conveyorscrew conveyorvibrating screen and other spare parts for many years. We do believe business between our customers and us can develop fast. Any enquiry, please contact us!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Customer from Philippines Visited Our Company

Our customer Mr. Gonzales from Philippines paid a visit to our company on October 12th, 2015. This time, based on the cooperation, he came here to have a better understanding about our company. Our manager Mr. Lu showed our rollers production line to him, Mr. Gonzales was satisfied with our products.

cement efficient bucket elevator

After having a visit to our company, our manager took our customer to visit a local power plant which has cooperative relationship with us. They have visited the field -working situation and seen the running conditions oflong distance conveyor belt and efficient bucket elevator. Then our customer spoke highly of quality of our equipments and showed cooperation intention to us. We do believe business between us can develop fast and to our mutual benefit.
long distance conveyor belt
Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the most professional manufacturer of Belt conveyorVibrating screenBucket elevatorScrew conveyorand Scraper conveyor using the world's most advanced technology, we are willing to serve every company to meet your custom needs. our goal is "be the future global leader of mining machinery industry". have any questions, please contact us without any hesitation.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Analyze Decrease of Copper Mine Production

Due to the decrease of copper mine production, China's copper concentrate production decrease phenomenon has been attracting extensive attention. According to the data of State Statistics Bureau, it shows that China copper concentrate production was 970 thousand tons from January to July, which declined 5%.

Gold copper mine

As copper prices crashed, the proportion for the decrease of domestic copper mine production increases, but they are mainly private medium and small mines, it is reported that 35% of the domestic copper enterprises are private, however, there is no obvious decrease production for 65% of the state-owned mining enterprises temporarily.
It is believed that the following four reasons lead to the decrease of copper mine production :
Copper prices: the global economy recession, China's economic growth is slowing, the copper market demand is weakened, so copper has a steep fall in price.
Environmental policy: as the domestic environmental protection policy becomes more and more strict in recent years, more and more small and medium-sized mining enterprises are affected by this policy, so the production decreases.
Mining exploring difficulty: as the mining exploring difficulty of domestic copper increases, the mining grade decreases and the enterprise cost rises.
Capital: tight bank lending for mining enterprises and the available funds are not ideal, which bring great fund pressure to enterprises.
It is understood that although the domestic mine production decrease phenomenon is relatively serious, refinery plant has steady procurement demand of copper mine, so the market keeps in balance.
It is expected that the production of China domestic copper concentrate is about 1.6 million tons, however ,the production was 1.74 million tons in 2014.
Sand mining production line