Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What problems will be in the material lifting process of bucket elevator?

In the material lifting process of bucket elevator, there may be such problems: insufficient material lifting rate, insufficient material discharging rate and material leakage phenomenon, only they are resolved timely ,the bucket elevator can have best effects .The reasons and solutions are as follows: 
(1) insufficient lifting rate:
The material is likely to be caked on the bucket or chute, clean and remove the materials regularly according to caking condition. There is also possibility that the storage capacity of bucket elevator upstream equipment is insufficient which causes less feeding material, as result, the bucket elevator can not reach the design capacity, so we should try to improve the production capacity of upstream equipment. If the speed is slow, we have to change the speed ratio of the sprocket. Or it is caused by improper or wrong material calculation, check the calculator and material proportion, calculate again.
(2) insufficient material discharging rate:
The capacity of bucket elevator downstream equipment is small, make the discharge chute block, so we should improve the capacity of the downstream equipment of bucket elevator. It may also cause by small chute size or inappropriate chute angle ,so adjust the discharging chute. There is also a possibility that the material is caked on the chain bucket or inside the chute, so we need to remove material and maintain the bucket elevator periodically.
(3) material leakage phenomenon:
If the material leaks from the gap of head section and bottom section, please add the sealing gasket or glue with sealant . Replace new sealing gasket ,glue with sealant and tight the flange bolts if there gasket of bucket elevator flange is broken. If it is caused by large material feeding height difference and feeding pressure, please change the material feeding method and add the feeding buffer device.

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