Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The application of vibration source of vibrating screen

The application of vibration source of rotary vibrating screen / linear vibrating screen 


1.When the excitation power and electricity are no more than specified numerical value, it can be operated at the largest exciting force. 

2.No operating without protective cover. 

3.There is a specially-made putty in the terminal junction box. It can be took out when maintenance and got back after maintaining. 

4.It should check the following items when operating: 
     A .Whether there is enough lubricating grease in the bearing; 
     B .Whether the installation of vibration motor and fastener are firm; 
     C .Whether the link of power cable is normal; 
     D .Whether the operation is normal. 

5.We need to pay much attention to the operation of vibration motor during working. If it appears the phenomenon of overheating and oil leakage, we must stop the machine to inspect at once. 

6.After first use or suspending long time, if using the vibration motor once again, we should measure the insulation resistance of coil to ensure its numerical value is more than 20MΩ.

The vibration source of rotary vibrating screen.

vibration motor
vibration motor

The vibration source of linear vibrating screen.

vibration motor
vibration motor

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