Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to Identify Counterfeit and Genuine Bearings of Vibration Motor

Due to the special structure principle of vibration motor, the quality and lifespan of vibration motor directly affected by bearings, of course will be embodied in the price level of vibration motor. So it is really necessary to choose a good bearing manufacturer, the following methods will help us identify counterfeit bearings:
1. Packaging
Formal original packing of genuine bearing is comparatively normative which includes inner and outer packaging with unified standard and clear writing. However, the counterfeit bearing packaging material is inferior, printing is rough.
2. Color
Specific parts of genuine bearing present a certain color, for example: chamfer is black, if there is any other colors, it may be counterfeit bearings.
Vibration motor internal structure
3. Appearance 
The writing letters of genuine bearing outer packing adopt special carving or spraying technology design, however, the counterfeit bearing printing is blurry.
4. Material 
Material selection of the genuine bearing is standard steel material, however counterfeit bearing adopts cheap ,fake inferior and unqualified material in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, the weight is light.
5. Processing technology
Genuine bearing manufacturing process is fine which can rotate smoothly However counterfeit bearing manufacturing process is poor with coarse surface ,it can not rotate smoothly.

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